Digital Natural Gas Leak Detector With Warning Alarm and Indicator Light


Digital Natural Gas Leak Detector With Warning Alarm and Indicator Light

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  【DETECT MULTIPLE GASES】Gas detector suitable for almost all applications with combustible gases, mists and residues. Such as natural gas, LPG(Propane and Methane), gas fuel, coal gas, artificial gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.

【SOUND WARNING & LED DIGITAL DaISPLAY】When combustible gases leak exceed the standard, this gas detector will alarm and voice reminding and the LED screen will show the concentration. It can help reduce your worries that the stove gas has been left on accidentally and protect your family’s life and property safety.

SIMPLE TO USE】Connect the methane detector to 90V-240V power or use 9V rechargeable battery(not included), the indicator light will light up and voice prompt will start speaking.The propane detector will display 3 minutes counting when the gas detector is in starting-up.

【ECONOMICAL】This alarm uses <3 watts of electricity and has a small energy footprint. This alarm will also help prevent someone from leaving on the stove, reducing your gas bill.

【100% SATISFIED WARRANTY】Our gas alarm has passed the professional gas detection test in our factory. If the Geardon gas detector has any quality problems, you can return or get a refund within 30days. Welcome to contact us by email.【Maintenance Points Of The Gas Detector】

Avoid placement in close proximity to where airborne contaminants like cooking oils can coat and decrease sensor sensitivity.

Users may clean exterior surface of the detector, unplug the device before cleaning.

Never use chemical substances such as spray, polish, detergent etc.


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