Mini Popcorn Machine


Mini Popcorn Machine

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Key Features:
•Pops corn easily
•Doesn’t burn your corn
•Easy to use
•For every home
•Long lasting

1. Non-stick Pan Liner, Easier To Clean. The Heat Vortex Guide Is Evenly Heated.
2. One-click Production, Delicious And Not Waiting
3. Food-grade Pp Protective Cover To Protect Children From Being Hit By Popcorn.
4. Specially Designed Corn Spoon, Add Corn Kernels In Moderation
5. Rubber Non-slip Bottom, More Friction, More Stable Use.
1x Popcorn Machine
1x Power Cord
1x Manual
Instructions For Use:
1. Open The Transparent Cover And Place The Corn Kernels Into The Machine. (this Machine Can Only Make Popcorn, Can Not Put Other Spices, So Just Put Small Corn On It)
2. Cover The Transparent Cover And Close The Handle Spoon.
3. Place A Container To Popcorn Before The Popcorn Machine Exit.
4. After About 2 To 3 Minutes, The Popcorn Begins To Blow Out From The Opening.
5. When The Popcorn Machine Has No Sound Of Popcorn, Turn Off The Switch Immediately. Remove The Upper Body (should Avoid The Hot Surface To Prevent Burns), Use Both Hands To Hold The Lower Body And Pour The Remaining Popcorn Into The Container.
6. Add All Kinds Of Seasoning (if Sauce, Ketchup, Butter, Milk, Etc.) to Eat.
7. If You Continue To Burst 2 times, each Shot Must Be Separated By At Least 10 Minutes.


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