Rico Yam pounder & Fulfil Maker


Rico Yam pounder & Fulfil Maker

65,000.00 49,499.00

Key Features

  • Rico Yam Pounder
  • Pounds in less than 5 minutes
  • Water proof body
  • Standby Indicator
  • Easy to handle
  • Ease up on the stress of using pestles and mortars
  • Power: 700 watts
  • Powerful Motor


  •  You are tired of eating pounded yam or fufu in bukkas that you are not sure of their hygiene level.
  • You are married to a man whose best food is pounded yam or fufu.
  • You are tired of the constant back and waist pain that comes with pounding every time you have to eat this delicacy.
    •  You are thinking of the best gift to give those intending couples.Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

  • You are looking to ease your wife’s stress every time she has to please you to prepare this delicacy.


    When you purchase this pounding machine, you have unlocked a new level of sophistication and stress-free method of cooking for your family.

    According to an article on New York Times, “Working in the kitchen is not for the faint of heart.” Cooking is hard work already, why don’t you relieve yourself of the stress and eliminate pounding from your kitchen chores by purchasing this pounding machine already?


    How relieved would you be, eating your favorite pounded yam and fufu within the comfort of your home without breaking a sweat?

    I mean, prepare your pounded yam and fufu in FEW minutes. Yes! You read that right. Without any external hand and in a perfect hygienic condition.

    Would you rather save your energy for other things while you enjoy this seamless pounding machine that gets it done for you in FEW minutes?

    As you know, time is priceless and you shouldn’t waste time doing something that so many other women have moved on from.


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